EYE TIME: for a clear view

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Modern life put eyes under so much stress – tiredness, dust (especially when hayfever season hits), UV-radiation and bright PC screens are a few daily hazards that affect their health and appearance. The skin around them is very thin too, which makes them extra vulnerable to this external pressure and the effects – dark circles, puffiness and lines – seem to appear overnight. By contrast, health issues like macular degeneration – the commonest reason for vision loss in later life in the west – and cataracts advance at snail pace. Diet can help to prevent these health issues. Research at Tufts University in Massachusetts has shown that people with low blood levels of vitamin C are 11 times more likely to develop cataracts than those with high levels. Other studies have proved that antioxidant vitamins A and E protect eyesight by maintaining healthy tissue and cells. So food rich in these nutrients – milk, eggs, orange fruit, wholegrains and dark leafy vegetables – are extra important if you have a family history of either disease. Light matters too. Eyes need shielding from ultraviolet rays – sunglasses which block UVA and UVB may thwart cataracts – and a broadspectrum sunscreen will do the same for skin, foiling fine line formation. Choose topical defense warily though. Those with chemical filters can sting; so use mineral if you are prone to allergies. Be wary of eyecare creams that claim to diffuse circles and lines, especially if you are prone to itch and puff. Some claim to have formulations that set them aside from regular face creams but there is usually no evidence of this. Choose eye topicals based on their texture and gentleness, not their more ambitious claims. If your skin gets genuinely dry, treat it with an unscented emulsion or gel for the eye area and dot it onto skin (don’t rub) with your little finger.



Balance Me Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream - a natural nourisher, lightweight and best for dehydrated skin.

Elizabeth's Daughter Eye Makeup Remover - gentle and pure, saturate a cotton wool bud with this and it removes even waterproof mascara in a couple of wipes.