GET, SET, CLEANSE: 5 tips for getting it right

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Cleanse, tone and moisturise - three words we've read on bottles, blogs and in books for years but do we all follow this 3-step routine? Probably not. Between lack of time and a lack of know how, most of us either skip a few steps or sometimes the entire process (yes, we know some of you sleep in your makeup). Cleansing is the first and probably the most important step of the three. The purpose of this is to remove the daily build up of bacteria, oil and makeup on the skin, as well as leaving skin feeling fresh and looking brighter. It's vital to find a type that suits your skin and it's needs, whether that's a soap, gel, balm or oil cleanser.



For combination or oily skin that is prone to breakouts, we'd recommend a gel cleanser as the formula will dissolve the build up of any oil. Our favourite .. Elizabeth's Daughter Gel Cleanser

If you take time to apply cleanser properly, massaging it into your skin in upwards circular motions, then the results will be even better. This is because of the way you enhance your circulation, sending fresh, oxygenated blood to the surface of your face.

A facial soap will thoroughly cleanse skin and is best suited to oil skin types. Baby Face is our 100% natural creamy soap made with with protein-rich asses milk.

A balm cleanser is a double-whammy product really - it moisturises whilst cleansing making it great for all skin types except oily. Aurelia Miracle Cleanser is a MyShowcase best seller and is to be massaged gently into skin and removed with a muslin cloth.

An oil cleanser like Antonia Burrell's Natural Glow Cleansing Oil will work best on dry skin types. Wash off with warm, not hot, water.

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