10 WAYS: To stay healthy over the festive period

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Everything is always manic over the festive period, especially during the week from Christmas day to the new year. Here are 10 tips for making sure you make it through the festive period in one piece and start 2014 looking good!



  1. Nobody wants to be ill over Christmas so take some preventative steps now. A couple of drops of DeMamiel's altitude oil (£25) inside your nostrils will help protect you from cold and flu germs. Also, avoid touching uncooked meat with bare hands (use clean kitchen tongs and wash them after each use) and ensure you cook everything thoroughly.

  2. If you're eating from a buffet this Christmas, fill up first with crudites like carrot sticks, cucumber and celery before moving on to creamy dips or cheese. Also, consider offering your guests kale or beetroot chips instead of crisps.
  3. If you get the option, take stairs over lifts or esculators. Small bursts of exercise can help to get your heart rate up through the-over indulgent festive period.

  4. Wash your hands! Sounds simple but investing in a nice soap for your bathroom could encourage you (and your guests) to wash their hands more regularly. We love Mitchell & Peach soap (£19).

  5. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding soft drinks. This will not only help keep you healthy but also soften the hangover after all that bubbly.

  6. Add in a little exercise, don't become completely sedentary between Christmas and New Years Eve. What about an after dinner walk? Or could you squeeze in a yoga class before Christmas? If not, 20 sit ups each morning is better than nothing!

  7. Try to create some stress free time by using the Aurelia rose face mask (£60) or lighting a Neom candle (£39.50) whilst you're wrapping presents.

  8. If you know you've got big lunch or dinner plans, try to keep breakfast simple. Opt for fruit and/or yoghurt or a boiled egg.

  9. Make sure to properly remove your makeup (we love Elizabeth's Daughter's eye makeup remover, £12.50) and cleanse each night to help your skin remain clear in to the new year.

  10. Eat your greens as much as possible to help avoid bloating – brocolli, green beans, spinach etc. You could even try a juice! Also, add a little lemon or lime to your water for a detoxifying effect.
Merry Christmas!