WISH, WANT, WILL HAVE:What Cassandra Hall, founder of La Montana can't get through the month without

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Every month we ask a brand founder or industry expert to tell us which things they can't live without - be it beauty or beyond. Selecting from the whole MyShowcase line-up, we ask why they chose the products below and what makes them stand out. This Spring-Summer we welcomed luxury candle brand, La Montana to the MyShowcase offering and as to be expected, they became a firm fragrance favourite among our Stylists and customers. Today we ask the charming co-founder, Cassandra Hall what she can't get through the month without:



As the former Communications Director of Lancome and a consultant to the beauty industry, Cassandra Hall had all the credentials she needed to create her own brand. So, together with her husband Jonathan, they founded La Montana candles, a luxury scented candle brand inspired by life on a Spanish mountain.

I love all our fragrances, of course, but First Light will always be my first love, because it genuinely was the inspiration for the brand. At dawn, on a still, summer morning, the rising fragrance of the mountain flora is just intoxicating and as soon as we discovered it (thanks to the dogs needing to be let out early; I am not a 'morning' person) we wanted to infuse the house with it. It's unusual (that'll be the wild fennel), and deeply soothing. For me, it's heaven.

Our nearest city is Valencia and it is my favourite place to go for a day out. It's very beautiful and stylish, but friendly and manageable, and easy to navigate on foot. Within Valencia, my favourite spot is the cathedral-like food market, a destination for food shopping, naturally, but the bar/cafe there is magnificent, serving wonderful lunchtime dishes dreamed up by a Michelin starred chef - who just happens to come from our village!

I'm no nutritionist, and my favourite tipple is gin, to be honest, but I've become obsessed with green juices, now that I have my own juicer. I have no idea if my body is the healthier for it, as I look the same, but the combination of cucumber, celery, green apple, kale, lemon juice and ginger makes me feel virtuous and is surprisingly addictive. It just MUST be doing me good.

I can't wait to try Ameliorate's Smoothing Body Lotion - I've read such good things about it and I'm a huge fan of brands which are able to identify a problem and then go about solving it. They don't stock it in the village though (yet) so I'm waiting for my next trip back to the UK!

Rebecca Hopkins (one of the founders of Balance Me) and I were colleagues at L'Oreal and I am so delighted for their success and impressed with the brand. I'm a big fan of the Super Moisturising Hand Cream in particular: I'm pretty fussy about fragrances (hence the candles!) and I think it's delicious.

My hair (already bleached with highlights) takes a pounding from the combination of non-stop sunshine (sorry, not trying to show off) and hard water out in Spain so I treat myself to Nicky Clarke's Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to keep the damage under control.

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