WISH, WANT, WILL HAVE: what the President of CEW can't get through the month without

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Every month we ask one of our brand founders or an industry expert to tell us about the things they can't live without - be it beauty or beyond. Selecting from our range of skincare, makeup, tan, fragrance and more, we ask why they chose the products and what makes them stand out. This month we asked Caroline Neville, President of Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) and founder of Neville McCarthy PR to pick her favourite beauty finds at MyShowcase.

As President of CEW, the not-for-profit organisation that champions female leaders and development in the beauty industry, Caroline is naturally, a huge supporter of independent brands and innovation. She has often spoke at MyShowcase events (above), sharing her decades of experience and wisdom with our Stylists. Here she tells us a little about her role and how she's not stopping at 70.



I am seeing new and creative products every day in my role at CEW, created to suit our lifestyles today. I have a real sense of what works for me both in terms of fashion and my beauty needs. Most of the brands I currently like are created by terrific women, who understand our lifestyles today; I know many of these creators personally and can attest to their passion for product of the highest quality. Although over 70, I want to be contemporary. Their products help me achieve that. Age is irrelevant.

So here's my choice for my busy lifestyle and my own indulgence.

Neom - a brand I have always admired. It's classy. Their Tranquillity Reed Diffuser is my favourite. In the Spring I prefer a diffuser to a candle, candles are for Autumn evenings and soft lighting. Diffusers scent the room lightly and it's there safe. Have two or three on the go and the whole house is gently fragranced.

Another brand I love is ... Beatitude. I only recently came across this brand and 2 drops in the bath of their Joy Bath Oil and I am wafted to planet wind down. I need this after a typical CEW work day which might end at 5.30pm but go on into a glamourous evening event. So it's typically a long day. An added bonus with this bath oil is that it disperses in the water and is non-slip. Very practical yet so wonderful.

Jane Scrivner's Luxurious Cleansing Balm and cloth is a must. This is a product created by an expert and contains nature's most potent ingredients. It's wonderful on the skin and smells divine.

I like oils generally. So my next two indulgences are oils.

I know the team behind Balance Me very well. Their Radiance Face Oil is excellent. I use this in the daytime. I let my skin absorb it before applying my foundation over it. It's a quality product created by a passionate team. Happy 10th anniversary to the Balance Me trio!

Vita Liberata is a brand that a friend introduced me to recently. Having pale, fair skin I always take extra care where the sun is concerned. I love their Dry Oil with the passion flower fragrance - it's lighter than most sun care products, but still has high sun protection factors, which is essential. In the Summer I want to minimize what goes on my skin in the sunshine, keep it feeling light and natural.

My non beauty favourite indulgence would be more spare time to do what I want to do. More time for myself to do nothing if I so please. So more spare time spent with my husband and family is my indulgence. I am working to achieve this.

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