PLUCK & TIDY: brow masterclass

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Never underestimate the power of the well groomed brow: they can lift your face and make it look younger. Here's how to master the art of the groomed eyebrow in five easy steps:

1. Prepare - to minimise pain, try plucking after a hot shower and (ideally) not a week before, or during, your period. Try to pluck your brows in natural daylight. Arm yourself with a magnifying hand mirror and a large mirror, a pair of slanted tweezers and a fine-pointed pair of tweezers for precision work.

2. Find your natural arch - brush your brows upwards and look closely at their shape: the highest point should peak at the outer edge of your iris and the brow should taper off at the outer corner of your eye. Remember, your eyebrows should start before the eyes, not after.

3. Create a template - to make life easier, draw the shape/line you intend to follow using a brow pencil.

4. Pluck and tidy - start plucking, below the arch, and tidy up any stray hairs. Pluck a little at a time, always trying to keep your natural shape. Never pluck above your eyebrows; it never grows back the same. Do both brows simultaneously while checking the large mirror to see the bigger picture (one whole brow at a time risks an uneven result).

5. Keep on top of it - always brush your brows every morning and maintain their shape by plucking regularly. Keep Blink Eyebrow Tamer close at hand!