YOUR BIG DAY? Be a beautiful bride ..

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One of the things that I REMEMBER best from my WEDDING day was the trauma of my MAKEUP. Yes, I know, I'm a beauty expert. I should have known exactly what to do, right? Wrong! NOTHING prepares you for the EXPERIENCE of a wedding, and I include makeup in that, no matter how much you know and LOVE about it. The issue is the occasion. The circumstances are unlike any you have ever been in - even if it's not your first MARRIAGE, the situation is fairly extreme, with the attention fully on YOU. It's no surprise then, that so many BRIDES go down the AISLE looking completely different to how they normally look - and often, dare I say, 20 years OLDER (too much makeup, hair too formal)..


The first thing you need to think about is whether you'll feel comfortable doing your own wedding makeup on the morning of your wedding. You're probably going to feel a little stressed so it might take the pressure off if you hire a professional make-up artist.

Book a Trial

If you decide to book a makeup artist, you will need to arrange a makeup trial before the big day. This is where you can take along photos and discuss make-up ideas. Your makeup should work well for photographs (in other words you DO need it), but mostly importantly it should allow you to be yourself.

Seek Advice

If you do decide to do your makeup yourself, experiment with lots of cosmetics - ideally with a friend whose makeup you admire - and do a couple of rehearsals.

Stick to What You Know

Be wary about changing your skincare regime too close to your wedding day to limit the risk of break outs as your skin adapts to change. Stick to the products that you have always used or go to a good beautician if you want any intensive treatment.

Wear Blusher

It gives your face a lovely pop of colour and if you're wearing a pale dress or white, cream or ivory, you'll be able to wear more colour on your cheeks and lips. Go for a blusher shade not too far from your natural skin tone. A good tip is to buy a blusher that is a similar tone to your natural lip colour.

Eye Makeup

A good eye makeup tip is to stick to a neutral palette of eyeshadows and use an eyeshadow primer. After that, apply light-coloured shadow all over the eyelid right up to the brow bone. Next, apply a mid-toned eyeshadow all over the eyelid and into the socket area. If you want more definition, apply a slightly darker shadow into the eye crease and blend well so there are no visible lines. Line the eyes using an eyeliner.

Don't Forget Your Eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed as they frame your face. If they need shaping or even a tidy-up, try eyebrow threading as this lasts longer than plucking and you'll have instantly well-groomed brows.

Lipstick? Essential!

Either go for a shade that enhances your natural lip colour or one that a bit lighter. Prime your lips with a lip pencil close to your natural lip colour as this will make your lipstick stay on for longer.

Powder? Definitely (you'll thank me when you get the wedding photos back)

Powder sets your makeup, wixes shine and keeps your makeup in place. Use a translucent finely milled loose powder and press it onto your face with a soft puff.