BLUSH MAGIC: how cheek colour wipes years off a face ..

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It's one of the most DE-AGEING cosmetics you can own (along with a white eyeliner and a good brow brush). WHY? Because blusher gives your face colour and an INSTANT LIFT - it works like MAGIC if you get the right shade and finish. What to look for? Colour-wise, a clean, fresh pink or CORAL - not a dirty rose or violet, you need something with an element of BRIGHTNESS to it and sometimes the shade looks a little bright in the palette but turns out just right on your cheek; for the finish, look for a blusher with a little iridescence, something that will give skin a bit of a 'POLISH' - it really helps your face look healthy (and healthy equals young), and a satin finish: as long as they are finely milled and have a shot of IRIDESCENCE both cream and powder blushers can give a creamy, satin finish. Finally, get blusher on right: it must be high up on the APPLE of your cheek, in an oval shaped out towards your hairline but not obviously so. Dust it onto your temples too and watch your whole face lift and de-age in SECONDS ..




Cream - Face Stockholm Creme Blush in shades Stockholm or Tokyo.

Powder - New CID i-Blossom Pressed Powder Blusher in shade Petal or Rose, and T Leclerc Powder Blusher in shade Peche Veloutee.