FLUSH CRUSH: the brilliance of blusher

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Blusher is the ultimate victim of fashion. Trends in lip colours and eyeshadows may vary, but colour is always in evidence in some way of the lips and eyes. Blusher, on the other hand, is the only cosmetic that disappears completely from time to time and when it turns up again, it isn't always used in the same place In the 1970's the only way to wear blusher was as an angry stripe of purpley brown painted from temple to lip. Then it was ostracised (understandably), only to return as a discreet wash of pale colour..




Simply put, there is nothing better than blusher to make you look healthy. Choose a natural shade that flatters your skin tone, and apply with a fat blusher brush of medium firmness to the upper apples of your cheeks.

Blend carefully to avoid looking like a china doll, and for an especially understated look, dust the edges of the blusher with translucent powder.

Applying cream or powder blusher on the eyelids and lightly on the corners of your forehead can create a flattering all-over glow.

Gently colour coding your blusher to your lipstick will help to avoid colour disasters - a rich blue-red lipstick and a peachy blusher, for example, are not a match made in heaven. Working with shades in the same colour family is probably not only the safest kind of colour match, blut also the most sophisticated. And today there are even three-in-one eye, lip and cheek colours that can be used in all these areas.

Always apply blusher after the rest of your makeup, that way you can see how much colour you need.

Of course, choosing the right colour is only half the decision. Weighing the pros and cons of powder blusher versus cream, and tinted versus allover colour is the other half. Finding the right formulation is largely a question of deciding what you are comfortable using. One option is an allover bronzing powder which can highlight the entire face in a natural way. A by-product of the caution over suntanning, these powders offer a golden glow without ultraviolet after-effects. As always, use a light hand, and blend carefully to avoid stripes of colour.