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Have you ever felt that buying beauty - getting the right shade of lipstick, face cream or foundation - would be so much EASIER if you were able to do it at your leisure? At HOME, perhaps? Glass in hand? FEET UP if you like? Well, we thought this would be a more fun - and fruitful - way to BUY BEAUTY too. We also thought it would be great to have a few friends there - people whose advice you TRUST, who would tell you when a particular colour suited you (or didn't). And then we felt there should be an expert there to TELL you about the PRODUCTS you were buying - the STORIES and PEOPLE behind them. And of course we felt there should be a FANTASTIC line-up of BRANDS for you to CHOOSE from. So we sourced them. And MyShowcase was born.




MyShowcase is a thoroughly modern approach to buying beauty. It represents independence, quality, passion and fun. We felt there was an opportunity to showcase beauty at private events - so at home or in the office - at a gathering organised by anyone who wants to hold a showcase or beauty party. So to organise that, bring along the brands and tell their stories, we have recruited a network of Stylists, women who want to run their own businesses selling our brands.


Yes! We have a brilliant team of Stylists, operating around the major cities in the UK - including London, Tunbridge Wells, Bristol, Bath, Henley, Brighton and Winchester - who are ready to bring beauty to your home if you feel like hosting a party. All you have to do is contact us and we'll put you in touch with your nearest Stylist, and she will help you organise a party. It's easy! You tell your Stylist who you want to invite, she sends out the e-vites and manages the replies. On the day, you get a few bottles of wine in or some coffee and biscuits, and your Stylist turns up with the products to show your friends. You can read more about holding a showcase here.


Yes again! You don't need to be a sales person or have worked in beauty to be a Stylist. You just need to love beauty and enjoy telling people about our brands. There are lots of reasons people want to become a MyShowcase Stylist. Some do it to earn some extra money every month - perhaps to splash out on a new dress or pair of shoes, others do it to earn enough to book a dream holiday, and others look at it as their primary income source. But all of our Stylists have one thing in common: they want to run their own businesses on their own terms - so they want to work in a flexible way that fits in with their lifestyle. We give our Stylists all the training and support they need to operate a successful business and be able to do as many private showcases as they want. You can read more about being a Stylist here.


Absolutely - the more the merrier! Anyone who fancies having a little get-together (or a big one) at home or at the office (book yourself a conference room for an hour after work?) can host a beauty showcase. All you have to do is contact us and we'll put you in touch with your nearest Stylist. Then just draw up a guest list and away you go - your Stylist will sort out the rest, including managing replies. You can read more about hosting a showcase here.


The cream of the independent beauty brands, curated by Kate Shapland, beauty editor of the Telegraph Magazine. We now have a line-up of 22 brands, including Kate Logan (the latest), Mitchell and Peach, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare and the award-winning Balance Me. In a week or so we will be welcoming James Read, the celebrity tanning guru, on board with his pioneering self tan products too - just in time for summer! You and your guests get to try out products from these brands and more in a private environment, with no obligation to buy anything, just a lot of fun and discovery. You can read more about our brands here.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! There's no time like the present, so if you like the idea of hosting a beauty party, or becoming a MyShowcase Stylist, get in touch - we would love to hear from you!

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