THE BEAUTY SHORTLIST AWARDS: we're celebrating some wins ..

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Top beauty blog The Beauty Shortlist announced the winners of its latest annual beauty awards on Friday, and we were thrilled to hear that four of our brands came home with nominations and prizes .. So it's huge congratulations to Beatitude, whose Joy Bath Oil was nominated for Best Body Oil/Treatment; Legology Air-Lite, which won Best New Beauty Breakthrough Device or Product; Neom, who won Best Aromatherapy Blend; and Aurelia Eye Revitalising Duo, which won Best Eye Cream/Advanced Treatment. This is well deserved recognition for some high performing products - thank you Fiona Klonarides, editor of The Beauty Shortlist, and your judging panel.




* Beatitude Joy Bath Oil - a fabulously refined aromatherapy bath treatments made by a talented aromatherapist ..

* Neom Luxury Organics - truly the best aromatherapy candles you can buy: light one of these and feel the benefits within minutes ..

* Aurelia Eye Revitalising Duo - combines pretty with cutting-edge, the perfect blend ..

* Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift For Legs - a powerful shape-enhancing cream for your legs ..