BEST BEAUTY SECRETS: your brilliant tips!

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A couple of weeks we asked you to tell us your best BEAUTY SECRETS - the greatest beauty advice you've ever heard and want to pass on. We weren't quite prepared for the deluge - so much ADVICE we didn't quite know where to start to judge the three WINNERS. Luckily, FACIALIST Antonia Burrell did! Antonia kindly offered the three winners a jar of her CREAM SUPREME and her new LUMINOUS LIGHT POLISHING POWDER as a PRIZE, so she got the task of deciding who gave the best tips.

We revealed the winners on our Facebook page recently, but in case you missed that here they are again:

SONIA CHOUT ~ "Always remove your makeup before bed. Even if it's late at night your skin needs to breathe or be fresh. Also you wouldn't want stains on your pillow!"

DIANE WAREING ~ "Keep two spoons in plastic containers in the Fridge - they are an excellent quick fix for puffy eyes!"

KIRSTIN MURPHY ~ "Remember, what you put into your body shows in your skin. So be kind to it, inside and out!"

Congratulations again ladies!



Now for the rest of you! We've sifted through some more of the great tips you sent us and can give you a taster of them here:

"My beauty tip is dont smoke, drink plenty of water, eat well and get lots of beauty sleep!"

"Wear sunscreen!"

"Gently brush your lips while brushing your teeth to help ease away any dead skin and keep your lips kissable and soft. MWAH!"

"Hot cloth cleansing!"

"A gentle cleanser and a good old fashioned flannel, wet with the hottest water you can take. Leaves your skin clean, fresh, spot free, and you'll feel great for it!"

"Exfoliate reglarly to remove dead skin cells and reveal smooth, radiant skin!"

"Always apply creams and lotions and potions on your face in an upwards circular movement".

"Always remove your makeup before bed!"

"When you get out of a bath or shower smother your body in oil. It leaves your skin wonderfully soft".

"Massage your face every evening with a natural oil. And focus on the pressure points".

"Use a cotton bud dipped in cleanser to tidy up any eye makeup application mishaps!"