BEAUTY ICONS:: a showcase with Marilyn, Vivien and Brigitte..

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When the MyShowcase HQ team were asked which beauty icons they would invite to a showcase, it wasn't exactly difficult to name a few. Dead or alive, classic or contemporary there are endless names that spring to mind. Those from the Golden Age who represent glamour and 'classic' beauty to the modern icons from the silver screen and catwalk. We'd pick their brains for beauty tips and share skincare routines, all over a glass of wine. Read on to see who makes our guestlist..



Kate Shapland, Brand & Editorial Director,
I would like to invite Vivien Leigh because she was the most beautiful and impeccably groomed woman ever.

Nancy Cruickshank, Founder & CEO,
Julia Roberts. Her smile is beautiful, with or without makeup! But she sure scrubs up well as Pretty Woman!

Melissa Smith, Fulfilment & Logistics Manager,
I'd invite Marilyn Monroe because I think she'd be a big spender ;)

Kate Heatly, Stylist Relationship Manager,
I would invite Brigitte Bardot! She would be able to give the ultimate tips for the smokey eye look, perfect bed hair and how to enhance the perfect pout all whilst still looking so natural.

Alex Shields, Intern
I would invite Audrey Hepburn for her understated natural beauty. I love her eyebrows and I think she would be good at teaching us how to use black eyeliner for that iconic 60's look.

Ismay Currie, PR Executive,
Jennifer Aniston - She really takes care of her skin and appearance and her make up always looks natural and flawless. I think she would love our incredible, targeted skincare ranges from Aurelia, S5 and Antonia Burrell - plus she could give us all hair tips!

Katy Mathers, Content Manager,
I'd invite Kate Moss, for sure. She's a modern day beauty icon who can pull of endless looks, styles and trends.

Who would you invite?