BEAUTY BOOK S/S 14: it's in!

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Our new beauty book s/s 14 is ready to be devoured and features all our new brands along with some new additions to existing brands ..Mio and Mama Mio, S5 Skincare and Wild About Beauty. Read about why we fell in love with them below ..




  • S5 SKINCARE - it's the serums! We love these precious fluids and the way they can be used to tailor your skincare regime. The brilliance of this is that you don't have to be following a whole brand regime - the founders believe you should be able to just add their serums to your regular face cream to treat different solutions. The serums deliver solutions for five issues including hyper-pigmentation, dehydration and redness. There are two masks too, one of which is a peel off recovery mask for stressed skin. Who doesn't need that?
  • WILD ABOUT BEAUTY - we love love love these cosmetics! The range was created by makeup artist Kim Jacob and her partner Louise Redknapp, two women who have spent most of their working lives in front of and behind the camera. They met on a shoot, and Louise noticed the way Kim mixed different colours together to get the exact shade she wanted; she wondered why Kim hadn't done her own range and the seed of the idea was born. What we love about these cosmetics is the way they are so easy to apply - they really are foolproof. These are proper put-them-on-in-five-minutes-and-forget-your-face for the rest of the day cosmetics. We defy you to resist the Nutrilips Balms and Lip Pencil Duos ..
  • MAMA MIO - the only pregnancy range worth having! This is the go-to bodycare range for pregnant women the world over (including some rather famous ones), for a reason: it's high performance formulas work really well. It was created by four women who had a great idea and executed it in real style. Stretch marks and dry skin be warned ..
  • MIO - new generation bodycare, this range was made for women who want fit, healthy skin, and in that sense it's pioneering because it places the emphasis on confidence through achievable goals, rather than dictating a certain shape which is inevitably unattainable. Kate and Nancy particularly love the Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Motivating Gel, an incredible topical for soothing tired limbs (as Nancy discovered while ski-ing earlier this year). Mio Boob Tube + Multi-Action Bust Firmer is another great product with impressive results.