QUINTESSENTIAL HEALTH: the power of aromatherapy

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Using aromatherapy oils to boost your health is something learned with experience. If you're ill, it's a doctor you need, and possibly a qualified aromatherapist as well. However, a few essential oils in the first aid kit can be tremendously useful ..



Lavender is an oil that can turn itself into almost anything. It helps soothe minor burns and will help to prevent scarring and blistering. Lavender also helps heal stings and insect bites.

Both lavender and camomile are good oils to use for children as they are mild and pacifying. Use half the normal amount of oil, diluted in a base of oil for massage or in the bath.

Eucalyptus is so widely recognised for its effectiveness in clearing the respiratory system that it is available from all pharmacies. When colds or flu threaten, rub eucalyptus, or a mixture of eucalyptus, bergamot and lavender, into the chest, throat and upper back night and morning, diluted in a little massage oil.