6 SPRING MYSHOWCASE BEAUTY SUPERSTARS: Handpicked from the 2016 Beauty Shortlist Awards

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March was such an exciting month here at MyShowcase HQ; we launched our Spring beauty edit, collaborated with The Beauty Shortlist on the first MyShowcase Indie Choice Award and congratulated many of our brands on scooping numerous Beauty Shortlist awards, across all categories. So, we caught up with Beauty Shortlist founder, Fiona Klonarides and asked her to pick her favourite Spring superstars out of all those tried and tested winners. These are the very best in indie beauty right now:



1. T. LeClerc Mascara
T. LeClerc has a magical history. Rewind to Paris in 1881, when pharmacist Theophile LeClerc dipped into the world of cosmetics, creating a rice-based face powder so fine and so perfect that it became a must-have among the city's most elegant women almost overnight. Today, T. LeClerc is a favourite with makeup artists because of the brand's ultra-pretty shades and superb textures. T. LeClerc's mascaras are brilliant lash volumisers and among the longest-lasting I know, they never dry out!

2. NEOM Organics London Happiness Candle
I love the "blue sky happiness of freshly-mown grass" feeling of NEOM's Happiness Candle, it reminds me of lying in the garden staring up at the clouds on summer afternoons after a long walk with my favourite dog, Tummel. NEOM's candles burn very "lean" thanks to their natural ingredients and essential oils. They're powerful mood boosters, so you just need to burn them for a couple of hours. The mimosa, neroli and lemon notes are so pretty - spring meets summer, in a candle.

3. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Firm and Revitalise Dry Body Oil
You have to have used this body oil know why people rave about it. The scent is divine, a blend of rose, mandarin, neroli and lavender… but for me the clincher is it's a dry oil so it absorbs super-fast. I don't have time for over-oily balms and oils, I much prefer a dry body oil. Aurelia's skincare range for the face is exceedingly good, too. The Miracle Cleanser is a modern legend and it's a beautiful brand to dive into if you've never tried it before because everything Aurelia launches is consistently good and gorgeous to use.

4. Shavata Brow Strengthener
Keep this rollerball-tipped caster oil mini-tube handy if you've over-plucked or your brows seem to be thinning. We're not all Cara Delevingnes but sparse brows can look a bit ageing at a time when the face needs more definition and this product can help behind the scenes (use day and/or at night).

5. New CID i-Gloss Light Up Lip Gloss
As a dedicated lip gloss connoisseur (partly because I travel a lot in hot climates and lipstick just melts in my bag in Marrakech taxis in summer!) I've tried them all from designer to supermarket shelf. New CID's have loads of shimmer/high-shine factor. These i-Glosses instantly brighten and "lift" your face, and there's also a mirror strip on the side plus a mini light comes on when you unscrew the wand (I've actually used mine to look for lost keys in the dark). But mirror and in-built light aside, the shimmer power of these is just superb. I use my pale/gold shade over a matte lipstick and get a lot of "what lip gloss are you wearing?" with this brand. Side note: if you're over 40, check these out - they're "de-agers".

6. KURE BAZAAR Nail Lacquers
SO many pantone-rich shades, a 5-free formula, great texture… and the gloss! These are just brilliant. Brazilian supermodel Kartika Luyet created her iconic nail brand when she was pregnant to match her organic lifestyle after she couldn't find non-toxic nail polishes with enough staying power and shine. I'm in love with Kure's So Vintage pink and ice-cool Turkoise but I haven't tried the NEW Carioca, yet - it's a brilliant pale lime green that's got "Beach This Way" written all over it.

Last but not least, can we squeeze in one of my favourite multi-taskers?
I couldn't not mention Jane Scrivner's Nourishing Cleanser

I'm halfway through this jar of lovely skin-loving balm, it sweeps off all makeup (including waterproof mascara), works on dry elbows and heels (unofficially!) and it's downright amazing for skin that veers towards dry or your 40th birthday is a distant memory. One of Britain's most respected facialists, Jane has chosen 9 gorgeous oils for this particular cleanser: organic jojoba oil, beeswax, essential oils of ylang ylang, elemi, eucalyptus, lemongrass, lavender, myrrh, sandalwood and sweet orange. I sleep in this overnight two or three times a week as it doubles up as an overnight mask – a brilliant quick fix for extra-glowy, smoothed-out skin when the alarm goes off the next morning.

Fi x

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