5 EASY WAYS: to be more beautiful

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'Beauty from within' – it's the catchphrase of the moment in beauty, but it's genuinely meaningful. Beauty products are fundamental to how we look and feel, but so is our health. If you feel well, you are happy/content, eating well, getting enough exercise and sleep it doesn't just impact your mood but also your skin, eyes and hair. Have you ever noticed how thin and dry your hair feels when you are on a diet? How sallow your skin looks – and how lines, especially those nose-to-mouth marionette lines, deepen – when you haven't slept properly and are stressed? Or how dull your eyes are when you've been drinking too much alcohol or coffee and your digestion is suffering?



The savviest beauty companies are now making 'beauty from within' part of their mission. Some, like MyShowcase favourite Jane Scrivner, have added antioxidant supplements to their range to maximize the benefits of their topical products. Others, like Pure Elixir, have made oral beauty their stock in trade, developing clinically proven anti-wrinkle supplements. These smart skincare supplements, as the business calls them, should be a fundamental part of any beauty regime now, along with these:

1. Feed your skin! Antioxidant-rich foods – dark green leafy vegetables and fruit – and mono-saturated fats (as found in olive oil), polyunsaturated fats (found in oily fish, nuts and beans) and lean protein all give your skin the nutrients it needs to glow and fight premature ageing. In addition, some products like masks and serums feed the skin with an extra nourishing boost – use them regularly. My picks: Magicstripes Lifting Collagen Mask and S5 Replenish Serum.

2. Go walkabout! A brisk walk in the fresh air is brilliant for your complexion because it gives your skin a fresh pinkness and the activity increases your circulation which brings fresh, nutrient-rich blood to the surface of the skin, making it feel youthfully firm. Make sure you're wearing your protective day cream though. My picks: Vita Liberata Passionflower & Argan Anti-Age Face Serum SPF30 and Elizabeth’s Daughter The Daily Moisturiser SPF15.

3. Supplements – not just for skin, but for inner digestive health too. As Linda Booth, the founder of Just For Tummies, says, a healthy gut isn't just important to the way you feel but how you look too. When your system is functioning well your skin looks clearer because there's less toxic build-up to cause congestion and dullness. My picks: Pure Elixir 01 Anti-Ageing Skin Supplement, Just For Tummies Digestive Enzymes and Jane Scrivner Flaxseed Softgel Capsules.

4. Attitude – smile and the world smiles with you. Having an upbeat, positive attitude definitely makes you more attractive, because you're happy!

5. Lipstick – come on, you didn't think I'd forget this vital ingredient did you? Lipstick is the best beauty tonic there is, especially if it's bright. So find your pink or red and put it on to bring instant energy and focus to your face. My picks: Face Stockholm VIP Cream Lipstick, New CID Pomegranate i-Pout Light-Up Lipstick with Mirror and MDMflow Sweet Escape Lipstick – a soft nude pink.

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