5 Minutes with... Sage Machado

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Sage L.A fragrance is inspired by the bohemian, Californian lifestyle of jeweller and designer, Sage Machado who has created an exquisite collection of alcohol-free perfumed oils. Exclusive to MyShowcase in the UK, the 12 natural scents are based on precious gem stones and are the most beautifully packaged perfume we've seen - perfect for your handbag. The roll-on perfume oils are made for summer, as they contain no alcohol or water so won't evaporate off of the skin like other perfumes. Which is Sage's favourite scent? Read on to find out...



1. What/Where/Who inspired the look and feel of your range?
My entire collection was inspired by my love of gemstones. I'm a jewellery designer first and I had been designing and working with semi-precious and precious stones for approximately six years when I developed my perfume collection 18 years ago! I try my best to truly embody the essence of each gemstone while creating each scent. My beautiful Japanese washi paper boxes were inspired by my obsession with vintage textiles! It was very important that the packaging had a very luxurious and unique look to complement all the lovely gemstone perfumes!

2. If you could bottle up any place in the world into a scent… where would you choose?
The lavender fields of Provence.

3. You’ve got an afternoon completely free… how do you spend it?
I would start with a hike up my favourite mountain, and then head down to the beach in the late afternoon to swim in the ocean and watch the sunset, two of my most cherished places all in one day. Bliss!

4. If you could give just one piece of advice to a budding business brain, what would it be?
Easy, be prepared to work 24-7, 7 days a week, roll up your sleeves, get dirty, and work your ass off. Oh yes, LOVE what you do and do it with passion- ALWAYS!!! Stay focused, stay positive, have fun! Remember you are blessed to have an opportunity to try and build a career doing something you love! Be grateful!

5. What is something we might not know about you?
I absolutely adore children - I have two darling daughters of my own, Sophie Rose and Lila May! I am totally obsessed with animals - currently I have two cats, Rosie Blue and Senior Margo and one dog, Wyatt. I am a child of two artist parents who were major hippies hence the name Sage! I am a California beach girl, raised in the sand and sea!