5 Minutes with... Florence Adepoju

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One of the youngest and perhaps most inspiring of our brand founders, Florence Adepoju proves you really can turn your dream into a reality. After graduating from London College of Fashion with a degree in Cosmetic Science she decided on an entrepreneurial life and started making bold, bright lipsticks with state-of-the-art pigment technology - all from her parents' garden shed. MDMflow is the brand she always wanted to create, it's an accumulation of all her obsessions – colours black and gold, the glamour of hip hop culture (think Lil Kim, Kelis, Gwen Stefani and J Lo), beauty, fashion and science. We spent 5 minutes with Florence...



1. Where did the name MDMflow come from? Does it have a hidden meaning?
MDMflow stands for Madam Flow, it's a nickname given to me by my mum.

2. What/Where/Who inspired the look and feel of your range?
My range is inspired by the aspirational element of hip hop culture. Iconic female artists I grew up loving and listening to such as Kelis, Destiny's Child & Lil Kim, I love how they expressed themselves in bold colours.

3. You've got an afternoon completely free…what do you do?
Watch hip hop movies/documentaries or read indie magazines cover to cover.

4. If you could give just one piece of advice to a budding business brain, what would it be?
Work on fulfilling your wildest dream daily, the more you work on it the more achievable it becomes.

5. What is something we might not know about you?
I used to rap in school, I still remember some of my lyrics, they were very terrible.

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