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Lumity was inspired by British anti-ageing expert Dr. Sara Palmer Hussey’s mission; to help other busy women look and feel their best as they fight the ageing process. It’s an all-natural, anti-ageing supplement which is packed with 17 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are specifically targeted to fight all 9 causes of ageing simultaneously from within. This gentle yet effective beauty weapon has had the stamp of approval from normal women across the globe - as well as A-listers including supermodel Yasmin Le Bon. How did Sara formulate such a smart supplement and what's her favourite review so far? Read on to find out…



1. Who or what inspired the name 'Lumity'?
The name Lumity was chosen to embody the concept of light or radiance - it is how you feel and the way you radiate when you have high energy, enthusiasm, strong health and balance. Growing older can make you feel like your light has gone out - you can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, lacking sleep, lacking lustre, lacking enthusiasm... By supporting youthful efficiency in the body, strengthening your immune system, boosting energy, harnessing the regenerative quality of sleep and renewing the skin, Lumity gives you back your glow.

2. How does Lumity differ to other anti-ageing supplements on the market?
Lumity is the only supplement on the market to really address all the causes of ageing that are ongoing in the body. Previously, anti-ageing supplements have only targeted one cause of ageing, namely free radicals, by providing a mix of antioxidants to neutralise these damaging by-products of being alive. However, there are 9 causes of ageing, which I explain on our website: lumitylife.com. During youth, the body efficiently counterbalances all these causes of ageing to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. As we grow older, we require more targeted nutritional support so that the damage that the body withstands on a daily basis does not start to outweigh the defence and repair mechanisms and result in ageing and degenerative diseases. Lumity strengthens the body's defences, harnesses repair pathways and boosts youthful efficiency to give tangible results: higher energy, immune resilience, radiant skin, hormonal balance, deep, regenerative sleep...

3. What have you found to be the most common misconception of beauty supplements?
I think beauty supplements have always focused on skin, hair and nails, as if beauty were only skin-deep. I believe that outer beauty reflects inner-health. When I was formulating Lumity, my aim was to improve the way you feel just as much as how you look. I knew that if I could fundamentally improve cellular function, boost energy, repair and strengthen the whole system, it would noticeably ameliorate the quality of your skin, nails and hair, but, more importantly, it would also radically shift your experience of life. If you feel stronger, healthier, more energised and more balanced, your sense of wellbeing will increase and you will radiate beauty, you will have a new glow about you!

4. How do you maintain a good work/life balance?
I'm not sure I do! At all! I'm so passionate about my work that it seems to take up the lion's share of my time. The ideal is probably to succeed in dividing your daily schedule in such a way that you are spending time with your loved ones, doing a job you love and still finding enough time left over to exercise, chill out and have fun. If you can manage to limit digital access to a predefined time window that would definitely help work/life balance. If I were to practise what I know, I would prioritise sleep and engage in stress-busting activities every day (meditation, warm baths, exercise, play, socialising...)

5. Yasmin Le Bon has publicly praised the effects of Lumity on both her body & mind. What has been the best feedback you've had so far?
There have been so many amazing reviews. I absolutely love hearing how Lumity has made a difference in so many women's (and a few men's) lives in so many different ways. I love hearing that Lumity’s clients are feeling stronger, healthier, more balanced, more beautiful, more energised... I love every single story, every single benefit that Lumity has given someone - it makes my job feel very worthwhile and inspires me to keep working on new solutions in other areas. I love that Lumity is proving to be a low-commitment health beauty secret that meets each customer where they are in their lives. It demands no overhaul of lifestyle but seeks instead to give the extra support we all need to accomplish all the tasks we set ourselves to do, be all that we can be and live our lives to the full with health and enthusiasm.

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