5 Minutes with... Rebecca & Clare Hopkins

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Sisters, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins created Balance Me to cater for women that wanted high-impact skincare without sacrificing natural ingredients. Leaving behind careers at L’Oréal and in management consultancy, Rebecca and Clare went on to retrain in reflexology and yoga where they identified a gap in the market. Over a decade on from their launch, Balance Me have won over 40 industry and media awards, proving that their innovative approach to natural skincare is working for many. We chat to brand founders Rebecca and Clare about their choice of ingredients and what it's like to work with family!



1. How did you come up with the name Balance Me?
We created our range for women like us who were looking for natural, high performance skincare that focuses on results, day after day. Our products help to bring skin back into balance thanks to innovative natural ingredients, sophisticated textures and mood-boosting aromas. Therefore our name stems from our mission: Individual balance = healthy, happy skin and a true sense of wellbeing.

2. If you had to pick just one favourite ingredient from your range – what would you choose and why?
Tri-Peptide (Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline) found in our Collagen Boost range. This chain of amino acids helps to stimulate collagen synthesis as it mimics broken collagen molecules and therefore ‘tricks’ the cells into thinking that they need to produce more. At the same time it helps to prevent collagen from being destroyed by blocking the actions of specific enzymes that naturally break down collagen; thus slowing down this whole process. It’s a truly anti-ageing ingredient.

3. You’ve got an afternoon completely free… how do you spend it?
That’s extremely rare so a real treat! Take advantage of some ‘me’ time e.g. fresh air and a run or attend an Iyengar yoga or Barrecore class; and then meet our children at the school gate as this always brings an unexpected smile to their faces and extra family time, which makes us all very happy!

4. What’s it like working full-time with your sister?
We love working together. We share the same values and work ethic; we have very complementary skills so we respect each other’s opinion and know who will have final say on what. If you liken our working relationship to a magazine; Clare is the Publisher and I (Rebecca) the Editor!

5. What is something we might not know about you both?
There are actually three Hopkins sisters! Our older sister is a dentist, lives in Singapore and a die-hard Balance Me brand ambassador. She’s converted so many friends and clients to our range that if she was a MyShowcase stylist, she’d be in your Million Pound Club!

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